Using PerformX® Content Workbench

Getting started

Before you can start using the Workbench, you’ll need to register for a free trial or pay for a subscription.

With the free trial you can use the most of the functionality of the Workbench, but as a trial user you will choose from a predetermined selection of sites to test migration. You’ll be limited to 50 pages for this testing. There are certain tools that you will miss out on as a trial user, like the ability to export a database or share your site. Also, the sites you migrate as a trial user will be deleted after seven days.

Paying for a subscription will let you use all the features of the Workbench to migrate your website.

Signing up for a trial

  1. Go to the Sign up page.
  2. Type your email, username, password, name, organisation and phone number into the corresponding fields, and then click Sign up. You will need to use a email address. If you don’t have a email address, contact us to register your email address.
    Your username and password have to be between 8 and 50 characters long. The username can only contain lowercase letters and numbers. Your password must contain at least 1 uppercase letter, 1 lowercase letter, and 1 number.
  3. Activate your account through the verification email you have been sent.


You can choose from four subscription levels, which let you work with the Workbench unrestricted. The subscription level is based on the number of items (pages and files). To purchase a subscription:

  1. Log in or sign up.
  2. Go to the Purchase a Subscription page.
  3. Select the level of subscription that suits you (micro, small, medium, or large), then click Purchase Now.
  4. An invoice will be generated and emailed to you. You have seven days to pay this invoice and you will need to click Accept to activate your account.

Once you’ve purchased a subscription, you can see the details of your subscription in the Usage tab in My Account.

Book a demo

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