Customising the site structure

PerformX® Content Workbench automatically crawls your existing website and produces your site structure based on the URL structure. This automated structure is what you see in the left panel of the dashboard. However, this can be altered and customised to suit any new Information Architecture you want to implement.

Changing the hierarchy

To change the hierarchy of your site you can drag and drop pages in the left panel of the dashboard to change their order. Click on the crossed arrows symbol to the left of any page and drag it to a different location in the panel. You can expand grouped pages to see the child pages of any parent page by clicking the + button to the left of any grouped page. These child pages can also be re-ordered, allocated to different parent pages, or taken out of a group completely, by simply clicking and dragging them to a different point in the hierarchy.

Tip: You can also change the hierarchy after Exporting. Click here to find out how.

Showing the original structure

The original structure of your site is the default structure created by the web crawler based on the URL structure of your old site. To compare your new site structure with your old site’s original structure, click Show Original Structure in the middle of the dashboard’s main menu. This can help you organise your content and make sure it’s all where it should be.

Screenshot of the dashboard with the original structure displayed.

To hide this view, click Hide Original Structure.

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