Navigating the user menu

The drop-down user menu in the top right corner of the screen lets you access information that is important to you as a user. You can check your Workbench usage, buy a subscription plan, or sign out. To access the user menu, click your user name.

Screenshot of the User Menu, with three menu items: My Account, Buy, and Sign out.

Checking your account details

To check your account details, click My Account. On your account page there are one to four tabs: User Details, Usage, Subscriptions, and API.

The User Details tab shows your personal details like your name, username, and email.

The Usage tab is only displayed for subscribed users. It’s there for you to monitor the size of your migration. These details include the number of items you’ve used so far out of the ones available to you in your subscription plan, and the number of items that are to be migrated.

The Subscriptions tab shows you the details of your subscription if you’re a subscribed user. It also shows you when your subscription plan will expire, which is usually six months from when you purchased.

The API tab is only displayed for selected users. It displays credential details for using the API, including an automatically-generated password. If you require access to the API please contact us.

Buying a subscription plan

To buy a subscription plan, click Buy. Depending on the size of your site, you can then select one of our four subscription options and click Purchase Now to generate an invoice that will be emailed to you. If you have a larger site you can contact us about Enterprise Plans, which are extremely cost effective per content item.

Tip: If you’re not sure how big your site is, you can try using our estimator to find out about the number of pages and files in your website: simply enter your URL and click Submit. An email will be sent to you estimating the size of your site.

Upgrading your plan

Contact us to upgrade your plan.

Signing out

Click Sign Out to sign out of your account.

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