Finalising your site

Site settings

To change the settings of your new site, click Site > Settings in the dashboard’s main menu. Here you can change the site’s name, logo, and default text format. The logo image for your site needs to be provided as a URL.

You can choose your default text format from the drop-down menu.

Remember to click Save when you’re done.

Viewing a completed site

To view your completed site, click Site > View Site. This option is only available after you have migrated the site.

You should see a site that displays the content you’ve been working on in the dashboard. All your content from your old website should be fully migrated according to the rules you have specified in your content types.

Sharing your site

If you’re a subscribed user, you can share your site with other PerformX® Content Workbench users by clicking Site > Share. Type in the username or email of the user you want to share it with and click Share > Share.

The shared user will be able to edit the site. Even if they’re not a subscribed user, they will be able to make changes on the shared site as if they were subscribed.

To stop sharing a website with a user, click Stop Sharing next to their user profile.

Screenshot of the Share the Site page, showing the option to Add a user, as well as the currently shared users. Each Shared User has a button next to their profile labelled 'Stop Sharing'.

Only one user can edit a site at a time. If someone is already editing a site, you won’t be able to access its dashboard. On the Sites page, it will look like this:

Screenshot of the Sites page, showing two sites that are 'Shared'. One is being used by another user.

Because someone is using ‘Systemik Solutions’, the dashboard is unavailable.

Tip: If you’re using a site and someone else wants to edit it from their account, you can stop using it by simply moving to the Sites page, logging off, or closing your browser window. This will free up the site for someone else to access the dashboard.

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