Rules tab

The tab labelled ‘Rules’ lists the rules assigned to your website. Rules change the behaviour of content type fields.

Screenshot of the Rules tab, with three columns and three rows.

Column A, ‘ID’, is a list of sequential numbers used to identify individual pages. Every rule has a unique ID number.

Column B, ‘Name’, lists the names of the rules.

Column C, ‘Expression’, shows each rule’s code.

Modifying the Rules tab

Adding a new rule:

  1. Give your new rule a sequential ID number in the ‘ID’ column.
  2. Give your new rule a name in the ‘Name’ column. You can call it whatever you want.
  3. Type your new rule into the ‘Expression’ column.

Changing a rule:

  1. Change the name of a rule by changing the ‘Name’ column or change the expression of a rule by changing the ‘Expression’ column.

Deleting a rule:

  1. Delete its row from the worksheet. Make sure you delete the entire row.
  2. Make sure you remove its ID number from wherever it’s used in the Content Type Fields tab or the tabs for individual content types.

For more information about rules and how they work, click here.

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