Content Type Fields tab

The tab labelled ‘Content Type Fields’ lists the fields associated with different content types.

Screenshot of the Content Type Fields tab, with 6 columns and 22 rows.

Column A, ‘Internal Name’, lists the internal names used by Drupal to identify the content type fields. These are mainly used for internal processing.

Column B, ‘Display Name’, lists the standard names mainly used by Drupal to identify content type fields for users.

Column C, ‘Type’, lists the type of each individual field.

Column D, ‘Required’, lists whether or not each field is mandatory within its content type.

Column E, ‘Content Type’, shows the content type that each field is linked to.

Column F, ‘Default Rule’, lists ID numbers associated with rules in the Rules tab. The rules that are specified define the behaviour of the content type fields.

Modifying the Content Type Fields tab

Changing the default rule of a field:

  1. Check the Rules tab to find the ID number of the rule you want to use.
  2. Go back to the Content Type Fields tab and type the new rule ID number into a cell in the ‘Default Rule’ column. Make sure the cell corresponds to the field you want to change the rule for.
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