Restoring a site archive

Restoring a site archive to the target site lets you keep your website up-to-date. It cleanly integrates the content migration process  into your development workflow. If at any time you’ve made changes to your current site build, such as content type or theme changes, you can always export a site archive and upload it to the Workbench. It restores the site archive you uploaded as the target site. This process removes all the content that you migrated before the restore. After the restore, any content type changes will be immediately reflected in the workbench. Then you can assign the new content types to the pages.

To restore a site archive:

  1. Click Export/Import > Restore Site Archive
  2. Click Select File and select a site archive file from your computer
  3. Click Upload
  4. Click Close

Your dashboard will reload with the restored site archive.

Screenshot of the Restore Site Archive dialogue box. There is a warning that reads: 'This process will remove the current target site completely. All the pages that have been migrated will be lost. A backup of the current work is strongly recommended.'

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