Modifying individual content type tabs

Changing the field data of a page:

To change the field data of a page within an individual content type tab:

  1. Find the page you want to change in the Pages tab. Note down its ID number and its content type.
  2. Go to the individual content type tab for the page’s content type and find the page’s ID number in the ‘ID’ column.
  3. Change the field data for the page by typing in the cells on the same row as the page’s ID number.

Changing the content type of a page:

Read about how to change the content type of a page here.

Creating a new tab:

You’ll need to create a new individual content type tab if you add a new content type to a page that you haven’t used on your website before.

  1. Click the Insert Worksheet button.
  2. Rename the new worksheet according to the naming convention ‘Content Type Display Name (Content Type Internal Name)’. You can find the display names and internal names of content types in the Content Types tab.
    • For example: You have recently added a page with the new content type ‘Promotion’. You must call your new tab ‘Promotion (footer_teaser)’.
      Examples of content type display and internal names.
  3. Check the Content Type Fields tab to find the names of the fields used by your new content type.
  4. In your new individual content type tab, add the appropriate column headers. Column A should be named ‘ID’, and the other columns should be named according to the naming convention ‘Field Display Name (Field Internal Name)’. Use one column per content type field.
    • For example: After checking the Content Type Fields tab you see that the content type ‘footer_teaser’ has four fields. In your new Promotion (footer_teaser) tab you should call column A ‘ID’, column B ‘Promotion Text (field_description)’, column C ‘Image (field_image)’, column D ‘Reference (field_reference)’, and column E ‘Tags (field_tags)’.

If your content type uses a ‘text_with_summary’ type  field, don’t forget to add two extra columns  for the format and summary attributes.

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