You can use the Workbench dashboard to perform page operations, create content extraction rules, and configure content types.

Page operations

  • To map your existing site to your new IA, you can add or delete pages and move them around in the hierarchy.


  • When adding a new page you can define the source URL from the source site, select a content type and assign any specific rules for that page.
  • At any point you can preview an existing page. The Workbench lets you edit the rules to be applied to an existing page or modify the content type and rules applied to multiple pages at once.

Rules and content types

  • Rules use a simple syntax to determine how content or other elements from the source site are to be treated. One creates a new rule, enters an expression, and then applies this rule to a field within a content type.


  • Content types are populated from the provisioned site. They include options such as ‘Standard Page’, ‘Blog Article’, ‘Event’, and so on. Content types have different rules for different content fields, which you can specify.
  • All pages identified with a specific content type will have its rules applied when they are migrated.


Site settings

  • Under site settings you can edit the site name and apply a logo.


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